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Stand up Comedy Coach


Hi, I’m Martin and I’m a comedy writer, performer and stand up comedy coach. I also run a few successful comedy nights in the UK so I’ve got a good eye for what’s comedy and what’s tragedy (there’s a very fine line). I’ve been doing comedy now for over 10 years which has included a run at the Edinburgh festival, shows abroad and regular paid work as a stand up. Here’s a bit of what I do.

What I do as a stand up comedy coach -

I’m also a freelance writer by trade and have written for hundreds of very happy clients with the 5* reviews to show for it. In a previous and less happy life I was also a teacher so comedy coaching seemed like the perfect marriage of my skills as opposed to a messy divorce where one skill got greedy and took all the money/kids. My coaching is suited to what you need. I’ve worked with clients who have never started stand up before and I’ve worked with those who have plenty of experience and have a bit of writer's block. Services I offer are:


  • Material Writing 

  • Material Punch Up

  • Set Structure Guidance

  • Stage Presence Coaching 

  • How to get started

  • How to go from open mics to paid work

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Bespoke work on your comedy material

My time is spent on what gets the best material and performance out for you. Typically it’ll be a combination of 1:1 video calls where you can work through any material you have and I can suggest improvements or if the time is better spent with me working through or punching up material then I’ll do that. Book in a free consultation with me and we can talk through what you need. I’ll then adjust my time and make a plan to make sure we get the best material out for you. 


Previous Clients have said:


Very talented. I've worked with dozens of comedy writers and Martin's work is right up there. - Joseph Wilkins (


Mind blown!!! He got me. He gets me! Martin... are you me in a man's body with a British accent?! Holy cheeseballs!!! - Sheila Bella (


Very collaborative experience that helped me build confidence with my material - Michael Pisciuneri


I appreciated his input and suggestions along the way - Neil Locke (

A Guide for a first gig or through writers block

Stand up comedy is a really daunting prospect so it helps to have someone give you a bit of guidance along the way. When I started I was lucky enough to have a group of people in university that had just started comedy themselves who gave me great advice before I started. I was able to do my first gig at a nice venue with a really supportive crowd. Unfortunately not everyone gets this luxury and there’s a minefield of open mic nights ready to blow your funny bones apart if you're not careful. So I can help you navigate your first 5 minutes of stand up or alternatively build a new 5, 10 or 20 minute set on top of your tight 5 you might already have.


If you’d like to choose me as your stand up comedy coach or aren’t that sure yet then just get in touch and we can work out a free initial call to figure out what you need from comedy, other than the validation from complete strangers because Daddy didn’t give you enough hugs as a kid. Once I understand what you want to get out of the coaching I’ll build the sessions around you so that you get bespoke material and advice for wherever you’re performing. Hope to work with you soon.   

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