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How to Write a Youtube Script


You have your youtube channel, you know what you want to make videos about. But there's one small problem, you need content. You need to write a script as a basis for your video, but the question before you even get going is: how to write a youtube script? Then after that how do I write consistently high quality content.

The good news is that there are some options. The easy one is to hire me to do it for you as I've written 100s of 5* scripts on a variety of topics but failing that there's always the DIY approach. Your next option is to read this simple guide on how to write a youtube script. This is a formula that can be used time and time again to create high quality but repeatable content.

So let's get into it. By the end of reading this page you'll know how to write a youtube script and once you've done one you'll be able to use the same formula for future videos just swapping out quality content from one video to the next. This is how to write a script for a youtube video...


Writing youtube scripts can be stressful. This man's so stressed he's had no choice but to fall asleep.

Step 1 - The Hook

The modern audience has attention spans shorter than the patience of an ill tempered Tom Cruise. The first step in how to write a youtube script is to get their attention nice and quickly. The best way to get someone's attention is by asking them a question. You'll see ads do this all the time because marketers know it will provoke a response. How many times have you heard things like:

Are you paying too much for your car insurance?

Do you hate washing clothes all day?

How much do you pay per month for your phone contract?

Youtube is very similar. A question will get your viewer wanting an answer and they're more likely to stick around to know it. Posing a broad question promises the audience that you'll go into more detail later in the video. Something like:

We know the Earth is old but exactly how old? And how did it come to be there?

Is better than:

The Earth is 4.5 billion years old and was formed when swirling gas and dust was bound together by gravity.

In the second example you've peaked too soon. Why should they keep watching? Once you've got your initial question then build out a few sentences about what you're about to go into without revealing too much detail. This is your hook. Short, sweet and effective to get your audience interested.


Dustin Hoffman knew how to get an audience's attention, now you do too.

Step 2 - Call to Action

Once you've grabbed the audience's attention this is a really good opportunity to ask them for a favour. At this point you're going to want to prompt them to like your video and subscribe to your channel. Also, don't forget to ask them to click the notification bell so they get your latest uploads. 

People are more likely to do you a favour if you get them something in return, so if you opened with asking for something straight up you're unlikely to get any response. However if you do this after the promise of something interesting (as you've set up in your hook) then people are more likely to want to hear more of what you've got to say.

You can use this template the write your call to action:

Just a quick reminder that before we get into [video topic] drop us a like, subscribe and don't forget to click that notification bell so you'll be the first to see our next video. Now back to [video title].

The call to action doesn't need to be too long, just a quick nudge to remind the audience that if they want more of your awesome content then they can get it quick and easy.


Ask the audience for some action at this point. Shouting optional.

Step 3 - Content

Now this part is a little more open. One youtuber's content can be very different from another youtubers. There are plenty of different formats you could go for here but those that are popular are:


Top 10s are very popular but you could do any number on a particular theme to make your videos easier to digest. E.G., Top 7 super foods to help boost immunity, Top 10 most expensive cars, Top 12 new gadgets of 2021.


Rather than skirt over several topics, this format goes in depth into one and tells more of a story. It could be about the life of someone in a rise and fall style or maybe a closer look at a particular issue like climate change.


Taking 2 related things in a particular field and pitting them against each other to explore the pros and cons in both, for example Woolly Mammoth vs African Elephant.

The important things to remember regardless of format are:


Yes, your article is probably going to be made from several sources but shouldn't be ripped directly from one. Plagiarism is not ok and you'll be found out sooner or later. Plus if the source is already out there chances are your audience will just go there instead. You need to bring something new to the party.

High Quality 

Use reputable sources to get high quality information for your scripts. Don't make things up, make sure facts come from a reliable source. Also, make sure your writing is concise but contains useful information. Proof read a couple of times before recording.


Entertaininment comes in many forms. Your video might be fact based in which case the information alone is enough to keep your viewing watching but you also might need to add in some humour or surprising information to keep your audience from getting bored.

Make sure you end your content with a nice summarising paragraph that ties everything together like the rug in The Big Lebowski. Read over your content and pull out the main points you want to leave your audience with and include in this summary. Think of the key points you want to leave in the audience's mind and lead with that.


Metaphor for content

Step 4 - Call to Action 2

It's up to you how many times you want to have a call to action in your youtube video. It'll depend on the length of video you have. If you have a 10+ min video then it might be worth putting a call to action in the middle so you're not going too long without a nudge, but that might feel a little forced in a documentary style video. However in a listicle this might fight nicely before number 5 in a top 10 video.

What you need to have is a call to action at the end of video. The viewer has just seen your awesome video that you've given to them for free, now is the time to encourage them to give a little back. Prompt some questions that'll increase engagement in the comments like.

What do you think of [video topic]?

Do you prefer [sub topic 1] or [sub topic 2]?

Then encourage them to post in the comments section. Following this, prompt the likes, subscribes and notification bell that you did earlier to bookend your script nicely before a genuine thank you to the viewer for watching the video this will leave them with a warm fuzzy feeling in their stomach.


Get your prompts out into the world. Megaphones optional.

So, now you're ready to make a video a day and rack up those subscribers. Follow these steps and you'll have a nice simple template for what can be a time consuming process of how to write a script for a youtube video. 


Of course, failing this you could still use me to write your material or to tweak what you already have. You can always get in touch to discuss your material and I can give you some bespoke advice. I'm always keen to chat to anyone wanting to improve their content. Happy script writing.

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