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I'm an experienced writer of over a decade and more recently a prolific video script writer with over 150 5* reviews on fiverr. I can write a youtube script to fit whatever your channel needs. Have a look at my scripts from satisfied clients, and the finished article, to see how I could give your channel a professional, informative and entertaining touch. Every youtube script includes research of your chosen topic. If you need a voice over as well, please have a listen to my samples and choose one of my upgrade packages on this page. If you have any questions or need more information please get in touch.

If you need a short script for a video on your youtube channel then this is what you're looking for. I will write up to 500 words on your topic as a basis for your 2-3 minute video. This package is ideal if you need a youtube channel introduction script. Have a look at my youtube channel introduction script sample below to see if this package is right for you. 


Up to 3 minutes | 4 day service


Need a voice over? Upgrade to the script/VO package


This is the most common video length for youtube creators as it give more monetisation opportunities and watch time. I will write 1300-1500 words on your topic as a basis for your 8-10 minute video. Please see my youtube script example below to see if this is right for you.

8-10 minutes | 5 day service



Need a voice over? Upgrade to the script/VO package


A premium service for your plus sized videos. This kind of youtube script get deeper in their subjects and push the watch time as well as monetisation opportunities. I will write you a script between 1500-2200 words for a 10-15 minute video. Please see my youtube script example below as well as the finished product.


10-15 minutes | 6 day service


Need a voice over? Upgrade to the script/VO package

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Need an engaging and well written script for your youtube or video project? With an academic university education in writing as well as 10 years of experience writing scripts and screenplays I can help you out with your youtube script. I will research your topic of choice and deliver a script to a brief that's:


  • Well written to a professional standard 

  • Engaging, informative and entertaining 

  • Bespoke to your channel and tone of voice

  • Funny and charismatic if that's what your channel needs 


I'm also a versatile writer, I have written copy for high profile clients such as Activision and Birdseye so if getting your brand across is what you need, then provide me with a brief and I'll make sure your customers get your message.  

Alternatively if you're looking for tips on how to write your own scripts then I've written a beginners guide to get you started. In my 'How to write a youtube script' article you'll get an easy four step guide on the winning formula to keep viewers engaged and keep watch time high. I detail from experience the techniques to hook viewers into your video, how to promote calls to action, what content to provide and also to increase engagement with the viewer. If all of this sounds a bit much then just let me know and I can do the whole thing for you.


I have 3 packages that can be provided depending on the length of video that you need but please don't hesitate to message if you need something bespoke that the packages don't cover. All questions are welcome.

If your project needs something else or you would like more details on my script writing service please get in touch.

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